Ride the Wave Swinger
Ride our super spectacular Wave Swinger! One of only three in the USA!
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Can you handle the Flatline 360?
The Flatline 360 is a thrill ride like no other!
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Soar through the sky on our new hang gliding ride, the Cliff Hanger!
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Super Shot Drop Tower
Our 100ft tall drop tower plummets you to the ground!
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Introducing our new Giant Gondola Wheel with one of the most advanced lighting packages in the industry!
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Safety at PBJ Happee Day Shows

Nemesis 360PBJ Shows number one priority is the safety of our guests.  Whether it is on a ride or just walking the grounds, we want your visit to one of our carnivals to be a safe one.  When walking throughout the midway, guests will find cables and hoses covered in walkways with the use of cable protectors or wire mats to ensure nobody trips over them.  Height signs will be posted outside each ride so that parents can measure their child to see if they are able to ride or not.


Each year, our equipment is inspected by state and independent ride inspectors.  In addition to yearly inspections, our equipment is inspected weekly by local fire departments as well as the management of PBJ Happee Day Shows.  Rides are looked over for mechanical and electrical hazards, structural issues, and anything else that could be considered unsafe.  Before opening each day, PBJ Ride Foremen look over various components on their rides using a specified check list to make sure everything is in order before giving the rides first ride of the day.


Aside from inspections, we also recommend that visitors keep safety in mind and adhere to the following rules:


  • Walk, don’t run on the midway and ride surfaces
  • Adhere to rider restrictions posted outside each ride
  • Adhere to height requirements posted outside each ride
  • Wait until the ride has come to a complete stop and the operator gives you permission to exit your vehicle.
  • Use a safety device such as a lapbar, seat belt, or harness when provided.  Make sure it is tight.
  • Never stand up while a ride is in motion
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